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We attach great importance to R&D capabilities and lean production.

HUAI I Precision Technology, established in 1983, upholds a spirit of continuous innovation and is committed to enhancing product research and manufacturing technology. In response to the rapid development of the overall industry, in July 2006, we integrated with leading suppliers in the upstream and downstream supply chains and relocated our headquarters to the Tainan Science Park, covering an area of 13,230 square meters with a total floor area of 21,280 square meters. We have established the assembly lines, complex laser machines, laser processing machines, folding machines, automatic tapping machines, CNC machines, powder and liquid painting equipment and more, we also offering one-stop service encompass development, design, manufacturing, and assembly. Our product range includes Monitor, Electronic Paper Applications (EPD), Gaming Machines, Vending Machines, Cabinets, Power Suppliers, Coin Selectors, and other products, marketed across multiple countries worldwide.

We consistently enhance our innovative research and development capabilities, implement a spirit of lean production, and provide professional ODM and OEM integration services for electronics, optics, and mechanical design. We have also established overseas  warehouses in Chicago (USA) and Slovakia (Europe) to expedite deliveries and provide customers with faster and more convenient service. In addition to investing in research and production technological capabilities, we prioritize product quality and environmental protection. We obtained ISO9001 certification in 1998 and plan to achieve QC080000 certification by 2024.

Looking ahead to the future, in the context of the trends in high-tech and high-precision industries, we demonstrate strong ambition, adhering to the philosophy of meeting customer needs. We continue to enhance product quality and services, striving to meet various challenges that the future may bring.

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