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About HUAI I
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About HUAI I


    ( Logo:  WEI-YA )

   No. 59, Gong Ye 2nd Rd., An-Nan District, Tainan 70955, Taiwan.
   TEL: +886-6-3840033   /  +886-6-7000800
   FAX: +886-6-3841586  /  +886-6-7001789
   E-mail: overseas@weiya.com.tw
   FB Fan Page: www.facebook.com/weiyafanspage/

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Huai I Precision Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1980, has been acting as a leading manufacture of specialized in designing and manufacturing Monitor, LCD Monitor, Switching Power Supply, ICB, (Multi) Coin Selector, Parts for Video of Amusement and the Whole Set of Slot Cabinet. We are selling these products to overseas all over around 100 countries.

In October 2001, Huai I built up a factory in Sha-Jing Town, Shenzhen, China. Afterwards, we moved to Gong-Ming Town, Shenzhen, China in March 2003.(China factory Close in 2019) The factory occupies circa 10,000 m². The 195 employees in China who mainly produce Monitor, Switching Power Supply, Coin Selector, Filter and OEM the Whole Set of Cabinet for Japanese market.

Headquarter of Taiwan was certificated UL ISO9001 in 2002.

29" MONITOR has been sold to Japan since 2003.

In July 2006, headquarter moved in Tainan Technology Industrial Park. Currently, staff in Taiwan about 200 people, floor space of 13,225 m² with 18,500 m² building.

For increasing the yield of LCD MONITOR, we added SMT production facilities; a monitor assembly line for cool(-5℃) and hot(+55℃) circulation, moreover, set up the inserting, assembling and heating equipments for ROHS.

In order to upgrade the quality control of the slot cabinet, we establish the department of the sheet metal; install the computer automation punch press machine (NCT), hydraulic press brake machine and OEM the whole set of slot cabinet.

We are developing LCD TV and are about to market it soon.

Huai I will promote the quality persistently and provide more complete service to meet the customers’ requirements in the future.

In Aug. 2018, changed company name to HUAI I PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.



No. 59, Gong Ye 2nd Rd., An-Nan District, Tainan 709, Taiwan. TEL: 06-3840033 FAX: 06-3841586
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